Did Abraham Lincoln kill the man who murdered his mother?

Did Abraham Lincoln kill the man who murdered his mother?

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I'm watching a dramatized (re-enacted) biography of Abraham Lincoln and it shows him as having shot a man in the eye, shortly after the death of Lincoln's father. The man apparently had something to do with the death of Lincoln's mother, though I'm a bit fuzzy on the details.

Is this supported by fact, or is it speculation / fiction?

Abraham Lincoln's birth mother, Nancy Lincoln, died when Abraham was 9 of either milk sickness or possibly consumption. Milk sickness is from drinking milk contaminated with the poison tremetol by the cows eating snakeroot. Two other people on the Lincoln's property also died of milk sickness. I can find no suggestion of foul play.

After Nancy died his father Thomas Lincoln married Sarah Bush Lincoln. She lived until 1869 outliving both Thomas and Abraham.

I also cannot find mention of Abraham shooting anyone, in the eye or otherwise. It is possible he shot someone during his stint as a Captain during the Black Hawk War, but that would be 20 years before his father died.

Watch the video: Assassination of Abraham Lincoln


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