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Spalding University

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Spalding University is a private, independent, co-educational liberal arts institution, located in the heart of downtown Louisville, Kentucky. It is the oldest Catholic college west of the Alleghenies.The institution commenced its services in 1814, with the establishment of Nazareth Academy by the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth. Later the academy was named in honor of the founder of the Sisters of Charity, Catherine Spalding.Opening in Nazareth, near Bardstown, south-southeast of Louisville, the school served secondary students and college students. In addition, it functioned as a training center for the sisters to become teachers elsewhere.In 1920, the sisters instituted Nazareth College, the first four-year Catholic college for women in the commonwealth, in Louisville. Both institutions merged in 1969 to form Spalding College, then Spalding University in 1984.Presentation Academy, the oldest Catholic high school in Louisville, became part of the university in 1995. Presently, the university is a diverse community of high-intensity learning, offering a wide range of educational options.An accredited institution, Spalding comprises four colleges: Social Sciences and Humanities, Health and Natural Sciences, Education, and Business and Communication. Undergraduate and graduate liberal and professional studies are offered.Spalding University Library is a valuable resource that supports the curriculum, faculty research, and general interests of the university community.An Italianate structure built in 1871, the Tompkins-Buchanan-Rankin mansion has been the center of the campus since the establishment of Nazareth College. The palatial home is a perfect venue for intimate dinners and other social affairs.A ballroom, auditorium, gymnasium, the Egan Leadership Center, and the Library Lecture Lounge, are among other facilities on campus.

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