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Located in the city of Oakland, California, Patten University is a private, coeducational, interdenominational Christian university. It strives to provide an excellent education for motivated and committed students from a broad diversity of ethnic, geographic, and socio-economic backgrounds.The five-acre campus was founded in 1944, as Oakland Bible Institute. Initially, it was located at 1428 Alice Street.It was later moved to Telegraph Avenue in 1950, and then to the present campus on Coolidge Avenue, in 1960. To reflect its growth and expansion, the institute was renamed Patten University.Supported by the Christian Evangelical Churches of America, Inc., the university is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and California State Board of Education.It provides several graduate professional programs and an undergraduate liberal arts education with an emphasis in the Patten method of Biblical studies, Judeo Christian ethics, and community service.The campus includes the Division of Biblical and Theological Studies, the Division of Business and Management, the Division of Christian Ministries, the Division of Extension/Cooperative Online Programs, and the Division of Education.To meet the needs of the students at other locations, it provides certificate and degree programs at extension centers and through distance learning.Intercollegiate sports are promoted on the campus, with athletic scholarships being offered to eligible student-athletes.Also, it provides spiritual activities ranging from small community groups to chapel services. In addition, the campus offers international study programs, counseling services and career services.Wycliffe Hall, the TV and Radio facility, Gutenberg Hall, the Activity Center, Tom Patten Chapel, Faith Hall auditorium, the Resource Center, the Audiovisual, Computerized Music, and Language Lab, the Learning Resources Center, and the Music House are among the facilities provided on campus.The Harold and Dorothy Blumenthal Library at Patten University houses more than 33,000 books, 180 periodicals, magazines, journals, and an audiovisual collection of videos and CD's. Additionally, it provides online access to journal databases and full-text educational journals.

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