Unpublished letters reveal motive for Constance Wilde's death

Unpublished letters reveal motive for Constance Wilde's death

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For a long time, both historians and scholars of the world of literature have made many hypotheses about the premature death of Constance, the wife of the great writer Oscar Wilde, who passed away at the young age of 40 and the causes of death have long been a mystery.

The two, Dubliners, met in London in 1879, married and had two children. Oscar, after having written two head works such as The Picture of Dorian Gray and The Importance of Being Called Ernesto, experienced one of the events that would mark his life, he was arrested and imprisoned for serious homosexual indecency.

Constance, who was already a renowned feminist and writerHe decided to change his surname and escaped the scandal to Genoa with his two children, but with her would also go a condition that would end his life in not too long.

Merlin Holland, grandson of Oscar Wilde has released several letters from the family with different medical evidence that have allowed several doctors to determine the possible cause of Constance's death.

In these letters are revealed different symptoms related to multiple sclerosis, symptoms that were misdiagnosed by doctors, who resorted to dubious remedies and malpractice with an operation that, supposedly, should not have been done.

In these letters it was explained how Constance progressively lost her motor skills, with many pains throughout the body, extreme fatigue and severe migraines. Although at that time multiple sclerosis was known to medicine, not all doctors dared to treat it.

Perhaps that is why the decision was made to go to a German doctor who had rather unorthodox methods against this condition, based on baths and electricity. There was also an Italian, Luigi Maria Bossi, who stated that neurological and mental illness could be cured with various gynecological operations.

Bossi started gynecological treatment with Constance and performed an operation, but she was unconscious and finally passed away. Two decades after his death, Bossi faced several accusations where he was branded a bad doctor, claiming that his behavior was unethical and contravened any orthodox line of work in medicine.

Until the letters appeared, it had been claimed that the origin of his death had been due to internal injuries to the spine caused by a fall at home and others claimed that it had been during a gynecological operation.

Now that the letters have been made public it was allegedly shown that Bossi had misdiagnosed that Constance had fibroidsStill he decided to operate, despite the fact that it was a truly difficult intervention; but the misdiagnosis ended the life of the writer on the operating table.

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