Medina Elvira: declared a Site of Cultural Interest

Medina Elvira: declared a Site of Cultural Interest

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The Junta de Andalucía has decided to declare Asset of Cultural Interest (BIC) the site of Media Elvira, which contains Roman, late Roman and medieval remains.

Medina Elvira, located between Atarfe and Pinos Puente (Granada), at the foot of the Sierra de Elvira mountain, is a historical site of great importance, which has led the authorities to include it General Catalog of Andalusian Heritage.

The city of Medina Elvira was abandoned around the year 1010 and no other settlement has been located in that area with the importance of the previous one. Thanks to archaeological investigations, it has been possible to document the extensive hillside city, differentiating two very important chronological phases: the first Roman and late Roman, and the second medieval, the latter known from the large number of existing Arab historical sources.

You can learn much more information about this site in the official page of the Medina Elvira Project.

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