Discover the tomb of the Egyptian pharaoh Jintakus III

Discover the tomb of the Egyptian pharaoh Jintakus III

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This Sunday, the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities announced the discovery of the tomb of a queen of the V Dynasty (2,500-2,350 BC) hitherto unknown in the Abu Sir area, southwest of Cairo.

Experts have determined that the pharaoh is called ‘Jintakus III', And the reliefs on the walls have determined that it is identified as'king's wife" Y "mother of the king«. Through these findings, the most widely accepted hypothesis is that Jintakus III It could be the woman of the almost unknown (due to the little information that is available)Ra Nefr Ef and pharaoh's mother Menkahur.

The tomb of the new queen It has been found in a small cemetery to the southeast of the well-known Rá Nefr Ef funeral collection, which was found in the 90s of the last century.

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