They find a medieval necropolis in Moscas del Páramo

They find a medieval necropolis in Moscas del Páramo

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During the irrigation works that were carried out in Wasteland flies, in Castilla y León, a medieval necropolis with about 12 tombs that present the same formal characteristics: stone constructions from the hill covered with slabs of this material, which were made in a trapezoidal shape.

The heads are oriented towards the west, but no grave goods have been found. The human remains were dissolved by the acidity of the earth, which does not allow to date this cemetery exactly.

[Tweet «The necropolis would be a« cemetery for the poor »from the Middle Ages»]

At the same time no objects found on tombstones, which indicates that it would be a “poor cemetery”. The sources of Castilla y León have explained that "If people had nothing, they did not bury themselves with anything, only with what they were wearing", a type of burial very frequent in the Middle Ages.

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