Construction project for an archaeological study center in Israel

Construction project for an archaeological study center in Israel

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The Israel Antiquities Authority confirmed last Tuesday that the construction of an ambitious space for the custody and study of archaeological assets in Israel is being promoted. The building is currently under construction in the capital, Jerusalem, and The works are expected to be completed in 2016.

A great initiative given that much of the country's antique collection is in warehouses closed to the public. The new enclosure will have some 35,000 square meters It will house a two-meter collection of ancient artifacts.

As reported Jacob fisch, director of the Friends of the Antiquities Authority, has worked on the adaptation of the pieces to adapt them to the new museum environment, which aims to offer the public the wealth of archaeological heritage From Israel. But in addition, the gathering of numerous ancient collections will make available to science and research a good handful of sources that were previously difficult to access.

The collection will include an impressive 15,000 Dead Sea manuscripts in custody by the Israeli government, writings over 2,000 years old that undoubtedly form one of the most important heritage treasures in the country. In addition, they are a highly coveted tourist attraction, since these texts are fundamental for the knowledge of the roots of Judaism and Christianity, as well as the object of the most fiery controversies and of all kinds of theories and interpretations.

The architect Moshe Safdie has been in charge of the design of the building, which will be located next to the Israel Museum (where seven of the Dead Sea manuscripts are kept) and which will serve as the headquarters of the Antiquities Authority. For its construction 80 million dollars have been invested that come mostly from private, European, American and Israeli investment.

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