Shi Cheng, the spectacular submerged city in China

Shi Cheng, the spectacular submerged city in China

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A few years ago, a team of divers made a spectacular discovery in the depths of an artificial lake in Zhejiang, China, when they found a submerged city almost intact: Shi Cheng City. founded 1,300 years ago. Houses, temples, paved roads and a huge amount of things that will leave us with our mouths open, and more if we have the possibility of discovering it ourselves.

The Government of the country has decided to exploit this finding to boost tourism and a team of divers is currently monitoring the situation. One of the team members who discovered it has expressed that “we had luck. When we submerged in the lake we did not expect to come across this, but rather with some stones and remains of buildings.”.

Here we leave you a series of shocking photographs of the submerged city in China.

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