Conference on Valencian Roman cities at MARQ

Conference on Valencian Roman cities at MARQ

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In the month of December, the city of Alicante will organize an extensive program related to the Roman cities to present in the territory of the Valencian Community. All congresses and conferences will be carried out by the Archaeological Museum of Alicante (MARQ).

Not only are they going to present and give information about each Roman city, but also an update of the information about this topic on which the conference will be held.

The name of this event is: Conference on Valencian Roman cities. Current history of historical-archaeological research.

This event is going to take place by MARQ in collaboration with the Diputación de Alicante in collaboration with the University of Alicante. And it will take place in the Assembly Hall of the Archaeological Museum of Alicante. MARQ in Plaza Dr. Gómez Ulla s / n.

Attendance at this congress has 2 credits of free choice recognized by the University of Alicante.

The Conference is structured in 5 blocks:
Block A- Introduction and overview.
Block B- A look from the capitals: Tarraco and Carthago Nova.
Block C- Valencian Roman cities.
Block D- Visit to the Lucentum and Ilici sites.
Block E- Round table, question time and conclusions

This event takes place because in recent years there seems to have been a boom of archaeological sites in Valencian lands They have provided a great deal of information. To order it, some talks and congresses are necessary, addressing the novelties and recent sites that can alter the Roman development in what is the current Valencian Community and thus understand the historical development of the Roman world.

It will also try to give more importance and visibility of the deposits, a more open disclosure, managing several actions that will be debated in these days. Actions such as: musealization of sites or monuments, exhibitions, educational and recreational activities, citizen participation in these activities, etc.

As the program says, the sessions are summarized as follows: "a forum in which archaeologists and historians discuss the present and future of specialized knowledge and its projection to the society of the Valencian Roman urban centers”.

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