They find pieces of the ancient Memphis disappeared in the Revolution of 2011

They find pieces of the ancient Memphis disappeared in the Revolution of 2011

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In a routine inspection at Mit-rahina, a city south of Cairo, the Police Corps concerned with Antiquities and Tourism, discovered on Tuesday a plastic bag that hid objects dating back to Ancient Egypt. The bag has been found in the middle of a botanical area, just behind the site of the archaeological Temple of Hathor, located exactly 24 km south of Cairo.

The Minister of State for Antiquities Mohamed Ibrahim told the Ahram Online digital portal that “the suitcase contains seven objects, three of which were disappeared from the Mit-Rahina gallery during the violence that erupted in the wake of the January 2011 Revolution that ended with the fall of Mubarack. The other four objects are the result of illegal excavation at the site”.

Adel Hussein, head of the Archeology Section of the Ministry, explains that “The three previously missing objects include a partially damaged clay plate, a red clay pot, and a cylindrical alabaster vase with a round base”. The seven discovered objects are now in custody. They will then be transferred to the Mit-Rahina gallery for restoration once investigations are completed.

The current city of Mit-Rahina has been historically known as Memphis and it was the capital of ancient Egypt for more than eight dynasties of the Old Kingdom. The city reached its peak during the 6th Dynasty, becoming the epicenter of worship for the god Ptah, the Egyptian god of creation and works of art.

With the Rise of Thebes and the New Kingdom, Memphis fell after the 18th Dynasty, becoming the second largest city in Egypt until 641 CE (Egyptian calendar), before finally being abandoned, becoming a stone quarry for the surrounding settlements.

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