A stone used for the Canaanite ritual found in Israel

A stone used for the Canaanite ritual found in Israel

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The stone has ritual functions of the Canaanite cult and has been found in the excavations of Tel Rechesch, in the Tabor River Reserve in northern Israel.

Excavations in this region have spanned six years and have yielded numerous remains of Jewish farms dating to the Second Temple. Researchers have determined that this area was inhabited by Jews who used common stone tools, oil lamps and coins minted in the city of Tiberias.

According to the director of the Institute of Archeology of Galilee, Dr Mrdechai Avi´am, “the excavators were surprised to find a statue of the Canaanite cult on the second floor of a farm house. This statue is similar to the one found in the sanctuary of another temple”. “Similar stones have been found in Canaanite sites such as Hazor”Added the expert.

The same stone was later used as part of the door frame in one of the rooms of the structure. "It is the only archaeological hill development in Israel, where objects from Canaanite mythology have been combined with monotheism over many generations.”, Avi'am concluded.

Researchers from the Tenri University, Japan, and the Institute of Archeology of the Academic University of Galilee Kinneret.

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