Women's fashion has existed for 10,500 years

Women's fashion has existed for 10,500 years

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Traces have been found showing that women cared about fashion to enhance their beauty 10,500 years ago. Researchers have discovered stamps with geometric motifs that women stamped on their bodies, in addition to beads that they wore around their necks and arms.

These objects were in tombs unearthed at the Boncuklu Höyük site 10,500-year-old in Konya province, in Central Anatolia, according to the Professed Douglas Baird, responsible for the excavation and member of the Department of Archeology at the University of Liverpool.

In our excavations we have found ornaments next to the skeletons of women, while in the case of male individuals they include bow points and hunting materials. Therefore, it can be concluded that women paid attention to their appearance in order to impress men«.

Boncuklu Höyük is located in Hayıroğlu in the Karatay district and was populated by the ancestors of people who lived in the Çatalhöyük settlement, 9,000 years old.

According to Baird, the excavations began in 2006 and this year they have a team of 36 workers. Given the discoveries inside Roman houses, Baird regards Boncuklu Höyük as the forerunner of civilization in Çatalhöyük.

Our excavations will be concentrated inside the buildings. We plan to find more graves as we descend to the lower layers”. The teacher commented. Baird added that several excavations will be carried out at different sites this year.

According to the house found in excavations and to his objects the teacher emphasized that they had found holes in the house. These are due to the looms, proof that the people of the time were engaged in textile manufacturing. Likewise, "these people piled the heads of animals on the walls to expose their powerBaird concluded.

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