Ancient mask found in Turkey

Ancient mask found in Turkey

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A team of researchers found a 2,000-year-old skeleton with a mask on his face in the ancient city Aizanoi in Kütahya (the Greek Kotyaion), during evacuations that began two years ago.

Elif Özer, president of the excavation group at the Pamukkale University of Archeology reported that the excavations have been operational since 2011 and have contributed numerous finds. In the case of the skeleton, it belonged to the northern sector of the necropolis.

The mask it was found along with the individual's face, and Özer thinks it belonged to Aizonoi's burial ceremonies. This object could signify the relationship between death and the ceremony of Dionysus.

At the same time, excavations in Rome have found masks that were related to an ancient cult, according to the director. "We are working on it”He added.

Özer said the information about the findings had yet to be investigated and the More expensive that have been unearthed in the area of ​​the theater and the necropolis were different from the other masks found in this area, which were from Eros. Sculptures of this mythological character were also found in this area.

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