New information on the Mayan settlement of El Salvador

New information on the Mayan settlement of El Salvador

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New data on Mayan settlements in El Salvador have come to light after a find in which six pots from the Classic period and human remains of at least 1,200 years were found.

The discovery in Colón, 20 km from El Salvador, was of great importance when observing that the remains were part of a town. The discovery was made thanks to canalization works that were being carried out for the construction of a residential complex when, suddenly, the workers came across fragments of ceramic and obsidian.

The archaeologists who came to the site, as soon as they could, learned that the area had been a victim of the eruption of the El Boquerón or Quezaltepeque volcano leaving the people buried under the ashes. The experts also looked at the location of a sugarcane field that was supposed to measure around 500 square meters and which was apparently at a depth of 2 or 3 meters.

The human remains, the adobe wall and the sugarcane field show the indications why the ancient Mayan settlers They had chosen the place to live as a community and, therefore, it is not only explained by the proximity of the Sucio and Lempa rivers.

Despite being a small piece of land, El Salvador has more than 670 registered archaeological sites, most of them belonging to the Mayan civilization.

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