Mysterious skeleton found at Lincoln Castle

Mysterious skeleton found at Lincoln Castle

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In Lincoln Castle has been found a skeleton that it could belong to a Saxon bishop or king whose date could be close to 900 years after Christ.

In a limestone sarcophagus, still unopened, an endoscopy confirmed the presence of the skeleton as well as other objects that may be made of gold. The sarcophagus was 3 meters underground and at this time the area belonging to one side of the coffin can be appreciated. Digging it up could cause its structure to disintegrate due to changing environmental conditions, so it will not be an easy task to move it and, consequently, as soon as they open the lid they will have to quickly record it to not lose any data due to deterioration.

The coffin was found along with eight other skeletons next to a Saxon church. DNA analysis has been carried out on the remains of the eight individuals. Now archaeologists are studying the possibility that the new body may belong to an 8th century king named Blaecca.

During these excavations, in addition to the burials, they have also been found two roman houses. After everything found and once the project is finished, around 2015, it is intended to create a tourist attraction.

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