Exhibition «Mengs and Azara. The portrait of a friendship »in the Prado Museum

Exhibition «Mengs and Azara. The portrait of a friendship »in the Prado Museum

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(Press release)
On the occasion of the recent addition to its collections of Portrait of José Nicolás de Azara, one of the best portraits of Mengs, the Prado Museum recreates the friendship relationship and close artistic collaboration between the neoclassical painter and the portrayed, friend and prominent representative of the Spanish Enlightenment.

Is exposition It will remain in room 38 of the Villanueva building until October 13, and is made up of 24 works (paintings, sculptures, graphic work, medals and books), mostly from the Prado and private collections.

The income of this work in the Prado Museum collections contributes to enriching the discourse of 18th century painting in its rooms and to completing Mengs's portfolio of portraits, in this case with one of his most unique works from an artistic and historical point of view.

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