Archaeological conflict between Turkey and Germany

Archaeological conflict between Turkey and Germany

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Despite having already started digging season, the Turkish government in Ankara has not yet given permits for foreign archaeologists to start their work, a situation that may be motivated by political or nationalistic reasons.

According to a report, The archaeologistsGermans, especially Germans, have reason to be concerned as the permitting delay may be related to comments made a year ago by Hermann Parzinger, President of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation, arguing that “Turkey does not have an established system for the conservation of historical objects and cultural heritage is the last thing they think about”.

The Turkish Minister of Culture and Tourism, Ömer Çelik, has responded to this accusation by explaining that some of the excavations that have been led by Germans they are sloppy and not restored to the point of leaving a desert landscape.

However, archaeologists from other countries have said that the Turkish administration has destroyed major archaeological sites in order to carry out the construction of dams, hotels and subways.

Everything seems to indicate that this dispute is due to archaeological objects found in Turkish territory fill German museums, many of them belonging to the time of ancient Greece and Prehistory, which may have been stolen since they landed in Germany in a mysterious way.

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