The life of Homo Heidelbergensis, the new target in Atapuerca

The life of Homo Heidelbergensis, the new target in Atapuerca

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The already started campaign of excavations in the Sierra de Atapuerca Its main objective is to know the life of the Homo Heidelbergensis by connecting the Sima de los Huesos and Gran Dolina sites.

For a month these two sites will be linked to obtain data on those who were the first settlers in Europe. The beginning of these works was presented to the media by two of its co-directors, Eudald Carbonell and Juan Luis Arsuaga, explaining among other data that this is the first time that this union-based method has been used to obtain information.

In Chasm of the bones Remains of 20 individuals of the studied species were found, this accumulation of bones is one of the mysteries to which it is intended to answer. The fact that Gran Dolina reached the period to which the aforementioned accumulation of bones corresponds could make the activity of these inhabitants known and make it possible to reconstruct their ways of life.

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