X Conference on Archaeological Heritage of the Community of Madrid

X Conference on Archaeological Heritage of the Community of Madrid

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Arrive the X Conference on Archaeological Heritage in the Community of Madrid offering as every year an analysis of the investigations that have been carried out during the last season. The Conference will take place on November 21 and 22 at the Regional Archaeological Museum of Alcalá de Henares.

Three sessions will be developed calls "Islamic Madrid”, “Animals and other family" Y "The sites that can be visited”. In the first one, sites such as Magerit will be treated, which will make one understand how the territory of Madrid was transformed after the Muslim conquest.

In the second, paleontological records of the Tertiary and Quaternary will be updated, highlighting such important investigations as those carried out in Cerro de Batallones and Los Calveros, archaeological sites that have provided a great scientific advance.

In the third and last, the Visitable Reservoirs Plan that has allowed to unite two fundamental factors for the preservation of heritage: scientific rigor and dissemination.

In order to attend the Conference it will be necessary register before November 8 The cost of which will be 30 euros for the general public, 25 euros for members of the Illustrious Official College of Doctors and Graduates, 15 euros for students and free for the unemployed.

To make effective registration The completed bulletin must be sent along with the receipt or transfer receipt and the accreditation of each condition to the address [email protected]

Entry It must be made to the CDL account: 2038-1141- 60-6000664393 indicating as concept "X Jornadas de Arqueología" and the name of the attendee.

I was born in Madrid on August 27, 1988 and since then I started a work of which there is no example. Fascinated by both numbers and letters and a lover of the unknown, that is why I am a future graduate in Economics and Journalism, interested in understanding life and the forces that have shaped it. Everything is easier, more useful and more exciting if, with a look at our past, we can improve our future and for that… History.

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