Saudi Arabian Treasures Visit Pittsburgh

Saudi Arabian Treasures Visit Pittsburgh

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For three months the Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh will have the privilege of housing a special collection of 227 archaeological pieces from Saudi Arabia. With the name of "Routes of Arabia”The exhibition was opened on June 21 by Sultan bin Salman and by the Governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Corbett.

The inauguration was attended by figures of the stature of Adel Al-Jubeir, the Saudi ambassador in Washington, who among diplomats, academics and archaeologists enjoyed the grand opening ceremony.

The exhibits span periods from the Paleolithic to the establishment of the State of Arabia. They focus on the influence of ancient trade routes that were largely responsible for cultural exchange between civilizations. Among the relics you can see glass plates, alabaster, bowls, bronze statues and even gold earrings. After visiting Washington, the exhibition will pass through the cities of Houston, Chicago and Boston, thus making an appeal to the cultural, heritage and historical importance that this kingdom has had throughout the years.

Many of the antiques they have been loaned by other museums to this exhibition, which during its European tour managed to reach the figure of 1.5 million visitors.

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