They recover an Etruscan treasure from illegal trade

They recover an Etruscan treasure from illegal trade

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Italian police have recovered Etruscan funeral urns and bronze weapons among other archaeological treasures that had been illegally trafficked.

It is one of the most important recoveries of Etruscan art since in total they comprise 23 urns belonging to an aristocratic family called Cacni, located in present-day Perugia.

The etruscan people It is a still mysterious population, belonging to the center of Italy and that later joined the Roman Empire, thus leaving little documentation that tells how their life was before the union, so most of the information is obtained thanks to its rich art funeral.

The collection of urns belongs to the Hellenistic period of the 3rd and 2nd centuries BC., at which time the Etruscan population was in decline and most of the families were under the rule of Rome.

The urns are decorated with battles against centaurs and images that represent myths such as that of Iphigenia. In addition to these vessels, statues covered with gold, bronze weapons, ceramic vessels and even an object used in ancient drinking games have also been found.

According to Italian law, ancient objects that are unearthed, despite being found by individuals, will become part of the State and for this reason they must be declared, but the high prices paid for them mean that an illegal market remains active despite the consequences that it may entail. In this case, five people have been charged with illegal trade after it was proven that these objects were in their possession illegally.

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