Piece of the Tower of Hercules recovered

Piece of the Tower of Hercules recovered

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After being forgotten for 30 years in a warehouse of the Port Authority, a piece belonging to the old Tower of Hercules it has recently been incorporated into the heritage of the lighthouse.

Luisa cid, Councilor for Tourism of A Coruña City Council, has commented that its dimensions are 1.18 meters long by 0.47 meters high and that last year it was requested by the Xunta de Galicia to become part of the Gallaecia Petrea exhibition of the City of Culture, in Santiago, where it has remained until the last month of April.

2,000 years ago the lighthouse already had a lighting system to which belonged the stone that is now exposed at the base of the lighthouse whose function was to be placed on a container with oil and behave like a large lighter.

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