Restoration of the Patriarch's tapestries

Restoration of the Patriarch's tapestries

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After being subjected to a wash with demineralized water, a tapestry Out of a set of six, belonging to the Royal College of the Patriarch of Valencia, it has been possible to observe a reflection of the golden age of an art that came to light at the beginning of the 16th century.

The 24-square-meter tapestry is being restored along with other five tapestries in the Royal Tapestry Factory of Madrid, thanks to the financial support of the Iberdrola Foundation, which was founded in the 18th century by Felipe V. Although the restoration tasks are expected to last at least two years, the cleaning of the first of them has revealed the splendor of colors and the quality of its threads.

Another of the tapestries is being washed with natural products in a large bucket with a mobile platform in which, by means of a massage, the workers move away the encrusted dirt that has prevented them from seeing the hidden wonder for centuries.

Four of the tapestries went unnoticed despite being in the Chapel of the Patriarch Monument due to its great state of disrepair. After being restored, an exhibition will be held to be observed by the public but later they will return to their original location.

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