Financing for the consolidation of Tiermes and the Casa del Aqueducto

Financing for the consolidation of Tiermes and the Casa del Aqueducto

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The cave complex of the Forum of the Tiermes site and the Casa del Aqueducto has received the amount of 236,970.40 euros from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism through the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage for its consolidation, which has been awarded to the Trycsa company, which will have an execution period of 4 months.

The project aims to recover, protect and enhance these areas as well as to create cluster-shaped route systems that allow greater flexibility and visibility to visitors.

The project of the work has been drawn up by the architects and responsible technicians Miguel Ángel de la Iglesia and Darío Álvarez, framing it within the typology of the project "Tiermes. Cultural Laboratory”.

New accesses are not contemplated but only the path creation that allow a better visualization and for this viewpoints will be provided to the different roads. The floors of the Casa del Aqueducto will be cleaned up by draining and finishing with gravel and jabre in the rooms and areas of the route respectively.

Likewise, the routes and circuits will be marked, thus informing about the structures and traces that man has left over time that at first glance may go unnoticed.

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