Restoration of the Ishtar Gate in Babylon

Restoration of the Ishtar Gate in Babylon

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In ancient Ishtar Gate of Babylon Using a saw, hammers and crowbars, he is fighting to break a concrete slab that is deteriorating the structure. The slab was laid during the late Saddam Hussein's regime and removing it is now considered essential in order to preserve the Gate.

The concrete sits between two brown brick walls which are decorated with processions of bulls and dragons dating back more than 2,500 years.

During the 1980s, masons intervened to carry out a series of paving changes which are the ones that are now accelerating the deterioration of the structure. Removing the concrete will make it easier for the water to evaporate and the plant to breathe.

The future Babylon project works to save key sites by restoring and conserving them that have suffered damage and abuse for years. The program has focused on the Ishtar Gate at the moment due to the passing water causing erosion. Likewise, some of the modern bricks will be retired in order to replace them with historically accurate ones.

It is not the only old structure that has been changed during Saddam's regime, several hills and artificial lakes were also elaborated that were a disaster for the conservation and integrity of old structures.

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