They find the oldest statue in Navarra

They find the oldest statue in Navarra

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Julián Algarra discovered three years ago in the vicinity of the Turbil archaeological site (Beire) a stone that the last thing he did think was that it was the head of the oldest statue in Navarra.

Despite this, Julián was cautious and warned of such a finding, which led the Government of Navarra to carry out an archaeological intervention. After carrying out excavations along a surface of 12 meters they managed to find the torso of the statue-stele of Turbil, the name by which it is known, along with 80 other pieces.

On June 21 he officially presented in Beire, this statue belonging to the Iron Age, by the archaeologist Javier Armendariz who has collected the finding in one of his studies calling it "exceptional and unique”.

The restoration process began with the union of the torso and the head by means of metal rods to later proceed to glue 21 found fragments. The rest of the pieces could not be attached to the figure due to instability problems.

When observing the statue the first thing that impacts is its large size since it measures about 2.75 meters, something that apparently has nothing to do with its original size to which experts attribute a height of at least 3 meters. In his face we can distinguish the shape of an eye, an ear and part of the hair.

On his chest is a kind of disc-shell, a weapon that was used by the aristocratic elite and coming from Middle east so it could be a warrior prince, an emblem of the city, or the image of a divinity in a sanctuary.

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