New findings on the Roman and Arab Estepona

New findings on the Roman and Arab Estepona

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During the remodeling works carried out in the old town in Estepona Some deposits belonging to the Roman and Andalusian medieval times. The remains will now be studied by the technicians to proceed later to their exhibition in the Municipal Archaeological Museum.

The work carried out in most of the Estepona streets They allow us to study the settlements but also to draw up a plan of how the structure of this place was during both periods.

The site found on Chorro street could date from the 9th century AD., data that would mean that we are facing the oldest medieval settlement found so far in Estepona. In the same way, the appearance of a series of settlements on the outskirts of the walls of an Andalusian fortress, located on Calle Santa Ana, is also surprising, since it gives a different vision from what has been had until now on the distribution of the Medieval Estepona.

Among the objects found in the excavations are coins, glass vases, ceramics, needles made of bone and bronze, beads, lead amulets and skylights from the Roman and medieval periods.

To the findings we must add the remains found on Villa Street several months ago, in which engravings on Roman vessels from the 1st century after Christ and unique in the Iberian Peninsula were observed, as well as some remains of buildings from the 3rd century, among which some possible hot springs stand out.

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