Byzantine mosaic found in Jordan

Byzantine mosaic found in Jordan

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The looting of archaeological remains in Jordan It is a difficult problem to solve, but it seems that a mosaic belonging to a Byzantine church near the Roman city of Jerash has managed to escape.

After a meter of earth was buried the Kanisat Qirmerl mosaic In perfect state of conservation. Measuring 5 × 7 meters, it has retained its color and it depicts a rare scene of men climbing trees to take refuge from the wrath of bears and lions. According to an inscription, the mosaics date back to between 589 and 590 AD.

Jerash, called Gerasa in the Greco-Roman period, reached its maximum splendor during the 6th century AD. The city's Department of Antiquities has successfully concluded the 45-day rescue operation that was aimed at discovering and protecting the site, but one of the problems facing the Department of Archeology is shortages of resources when it comes to having to reach a site and protect it as quickly as possible and thus avoid looting.

The discovery of the church is of great importance to history since it can constitute an argument to affirm that there was a systematic destruction of the icons in the iconoclastic period. The iconoclastic period is situated between the 8th and 9th centuries, at which time the Orthodox Church and Byzantine emperors banned religious images for which they were destroyed.

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