Found a Mayan city more than 1,400 years old

Found a Mayan city more than 1,400 years old

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Experts around the world have found a Mayan city for which there was no previous information and what happens to be called Chactun or "Large stone”.

Located east of the state of Campeche and discovered just a couple of weeks ago, the site is thought to have been the place where a city was established 1,400 years ago as reported by leading archaeologist in the search, Ivan Šprajc, who it has the help of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH).

The recently found metropolis is only one of the 80 sites that have been located since 1996 thanks to the Archaeological Reconnaissance Project in the Southeast of Campeche.

Some of the places found had been previously described by explorers but Chactun has been totally unknown until now. In the place you can see three monumental complexes in which its stelae and altars stand out through which the ancient splendor is observed during the Late Classic period (600-900 AD).

One of the most important themes of this research is that it will now be possible to clarify the relationship between the regions of the Bec and Chenes rivers as well as the link between the Bec River and the Kaan dynasty.

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