Ancient tombs destroyed by a subway project in China

Ancient tombs destroyed by a subway project in China

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Five graves were destroyed during a night in the Luogang district of Guangzhou and surely it was made to carry out a subway project which has created great concern for the protection of the relics in this place.

Zhang Qianglu, official of the Archaeological Institute, has commented that the tombs that have been destroyed were very valuable for archaeological study and research since they dated from between 770 and 221 BC. Archaeologists were investigating the area, located on Lougang's Dagong Mountain, just one day before the tombs were destroyed.

The head of the subway project, Zhao, commented in this regard that it was a misunderstanding between the authorities and the workers since They did not know that the graves could not be destroyed. The Guangzhou Metro Corporation justified itself by saying that it had received permission to carry out the works by the city's archaeological institute in May, however, Miao Hui, an official of the institute, denies that a green light has been given to carry out this project.

Ancient tombs cover a 20,000 square meter land and they are a very important source for the study of life and culture during the ancient Guangzhou dynasties. Now about 10 graves have been destroyed.

However, it is not the only case of loss of relics that has happened in recent days. During midnight on a Tuesday, the destruction of two buildings built during the Qing dynasty (1640-1911) and thus many other historic buildings have been illegally razed for real estate and industrial projects.

The authorities, for their part, have committed to investigate the last two cases and punish those who violate the laws with severe penalties.

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