3,500-year-old house discovered in Turkey

3,500-year-old house discovered in Turkey

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Karakeçili is a city and district of the Kırıkkale province in the central Anatolia region of Turkey, and the place where a house dating back 3,500 years.

The excavations are directed by Kimiyashi Matsumura, professor of archeology at the Japanese Kırşehir University, in which antiquities and settlements have been unearthed since 2009, which is why it has been declared a protected area. Once the excavations are complete, Kırıkkale officials plan to turn this place into a museum.

The stone houses They probably belong to an ancient Hittite civilization, thus forming a great city whose surroundings were the protagonist of the establishment of numerous commercial routes.

Kirikkale Governor Ali Kolat and City Police Chief Kadri Kartal have been visiting the site together with their wives this week. For his part, Kolat is committed to protecting antiquities as Karakeçili is characterized by containing much of the ancient history through this and other discoveries such as the Çeşnigir bridge that belongs to Seljuk times. If they continue to unearth ancient objects, the city could become an important destination for tourism.

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