Numerous figures of the God Vishnu arouse great interest

Numerous figures of the God Vishnu arouse great interest

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Sculptures found in a cave from the ancient city of Badami, in the Bagalkot district, have awakened a great interest both tourists and experts.

The sculptures date from the Chalukya dynasty and due to the impression made on historians, its due preservation has been demanded.

They are about nothing more and nothing less than 27 figures representing the God Vishnu located among other images of birds and animals. Because of what they represent, the idea has been maintained that various sages lived there between the 6th and 7th centuries, and as a consequence, the rulers carved these sculptures to provide a pleasant environment for meditation. The place is named after Arali Theertha.

As it turns out from state of abandonment in which the place is located, historians have demanded that the necessary works for its conservation be carried out, including adequate roads around it for easy access.

The Archaeological Survey of India needs to raise awareness of the cave to attract more tourists as the cave and its sculptures have hardly been mentioned or documented in books so it is quite unknown.

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