The Iceman (Ötzi) suffered a blow to the head before his death

The Iceman (Ötzi) suffered a blow to the head before his death

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Thanks to a sample of the brain tissue of the famous Ötzi A research team, made up of the European Academy of Bolzano, the University of Saarland and the University of Kiel, has relied on the theory that the great glacial corpse suffered some kind of brain damage before your last breath.

In the back of the brain can be seen two dark colored areas and that had already been mentioned in 2007, when his skull fracture was discussed. A TAC certified that he had received a fatal blow during an attack, thus creating those dark spots or bruises, constituting a hypothesis that until now had been left in the air.

An endoscopy was performed in 2010 and two pinhead-sized brain tissue samples were removed from the glacier mummy, thus being a minimally invasive method. The protein research led the scientists to a conclusion, through the blood clots the proof was presented that the brain would have suffered bruises before death. However, the manner in which such blows were inflicted is unclear as they could have been due to a blow to the forehead or a fall after being hit with an arrow.

The method used In this case, based on the extraction of very small tissue samples, it may serve in the future to answer many of the questions that now arise about mummies. Many DNA samples are impossible to analyze due to the natural biological breakdown process, but now protein analysis will provide a way to solve many of the riddles.

One of the most peculiar characteristics of proteins is that depending on the part of the body that is analyzed they will provide different results and more accurate than with DNA since the latter is always constant.

More of a dozen tissue samples belonging to mummies around the world will be analyzed using this new method, providing information that had previously been impossible to obtain.

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