The Iberian site of Vilars d’Arbeca, rich in finds

The Iberian site of Vilars d’Arbeca, rich in finds

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The Prehistoric Research Group (GIP) of the University of Lleida (UdL) is finding numerous archaeological remains at Iberian site of the Vilars de Arbeca (Lleida).

Among the findings are a fibula, a bronze bracelet, fragments of wood, ceramics and animal bones which through their study will give information about the moment in which the town was abandoned.

About him abandonment of the village Very little data has been obtained so far since agriculture has destroyed its remains and not many discoveries have been made inside the houses because the fortress was serenely evacuated.

The center of the excavation is a well-cistern, dating from 4th century BC, in which there are numerous materials including from tools and mills to fine tableware. This well is 7 meters deep and was used as a landfill shortly before the town was abandoned.

To carry out the work, the GIP has at its disposal this year 160,000 euros Thanks in large part to subsidies from the State, the Generalitat, the Lleida Provincial Council and the Arbeca City Council.

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