They rescue a German bomber from World War II

They rescue a German bomber from World War II

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On Monday, a British rescue team after a thorough operation managed to lift a German plane belonging to the Second World War on the southwest coast of England. The Dornier Do-17 plane that had lost a wing when it fell, managed to rise to the surface at the mouth of the English Channel after having spent (the Royal Air Force experts) five weeks of preparation.

The recovery of the plane, which was shot down in 1940 during the Battle of Britain, is of national and international importance as it is a unique survivor. In 2008 some divers discovered it and, after conducting sonar studies, it was verified that it was the Dornier Do-17 bomber.

In recent weeks the strong winds had made the rescue task impossible but now, after the great work carried out, it is going to be preserved and displayed in the Museum of London.

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