Medieval cemetery found in Clare Castle

Medieval cemetery found in Clare Castle

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A christian burial place hitherto unknown to historians has recently been revealed in Clare Castle Country Park, through human remains found during an archaeological excavation led by ten Cambridge archaeologists.

During the excavation they found four trenches located in different areas of the grounds of Clare Castle. This find has been part of a project whose main objective was to learn more about the history of the Stour Valley, in which 120 volunteers came together to help during the excavations.

Among the remains stands out the presence of a 12 year old boy and a baby. Because only the feet and legs are found, the sex of the people could not be determined exactly. The remains also indicate that a church could have been located in that place at some point.

As the bodies are positioned from east to west it has been deduced that they are Christian. It is not known if it is a high status site, but possibly the child's remains may belong to those of a novice monk, despite the fact that they did not enter a monastery until the age of 14. One of the trenches contained ceramics and deer bones, showing that the owner of Castillo Clara enjoyed a rich life in the 14th century.

Another area showed signs of a chapel built in 1200 and renovated in 1400 before its demolition in 1600.

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