UNESCO includes in its list the city of Laodicea

UNESCO includes in its list the city of Laodicea

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The ancient largest city of Denizli, Laodicea, has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage Provisional List. This moment had been waited for since March and now it has finally come true.

It is an area identified with the textile sector of Turkey in which, through excavations, objects dating back to 4000 years have been found. Celal Simsek has directed the excavations for nine years and at this point he could not hide his joy at the UNESCO acceptance.

In Laodicea There are three temples with dimensions around 250 x 100 meters. Although the god of a third temple is yet to be determined, it is known that in one of them is the figure dedicated to Athena represented by her bust and another is inspired by Zeus.

Laodicea is a place that brings great knowledge about economics and trade that took place many years ago. In addition, the characteristics of its buildings have surely served as inspiration for today's architects, since a specific system has been maintained with regard to both social and religious buildings.

However, areas have been found in which certain characteristics predominated, such as the main street, where shops were located, or the outskirts of the city, where the remains of large cemeteries have been found.

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