In Search of the Sunken Ships in the Eighty Years' War

In Search of the Sunken Ships in the Eighty Years' War

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(Reuters). 400 years ago, two warships in defense of the Spanish crown, they were attacked by pirates and a Dutch admiral sinking later in the immensities of the Pacific Ocean. Right now, researchers in Peru are trying to get those two ships come to the surface again and thus serve to increase knowledge about the history and culture of years ago.

The ships were found thanks to the procedure based on the use of a metal detector, magnetometers and memories, finally indicating that they were 150 kilometers south of Lima.

With the name of Santa Ana and San Francisco they housed more than 300 men in its interior sinking in 1615 during the Eighty Years War that was fought between Spain and the rebels of the Netherlands.

Once Santa Ana and San Francisco are recoveredThrough its artillery, ammunition, crystals and ceramics, more data will be obtained on what maritime life was like during the Viceroyalty of Peru.

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