They find the tomb of a princess Saka

They find the tomb of a princess Saka

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While road maintenance work was being carried out in the Urzhar district of the eastern Kazakhstan Oblast region, the grave of a saka princess.

Teachers and students made an expedition that resulted in the tomb with the remains of the young woman located about 1.70 meters deep. The objects found at the site certify that the woman belonged to a rare tribe. An object decorated in gold, with zoomorphic ornaments and jewels was part of the official dress worn by the chiefs of the Saka tribes, and for this reason it is thought that it was surely daughter of a king of Saka Tigrakhauda.

Ceramic and wooden vessels and even bones belonging to the sacrifice of an animal were also found in the tomb. In the woman, remains of her clothing, blue and green, and some earrings near her head have been preserved.

Based on the information provided so far, the princess's tomb would date back to a quarter or third of a century BC.

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