New excavations will be carried out in the ancient Sition

New excavations will be carried out in the ancient Sition

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The Central Archaeological Council has given its consent to begin excavations in the ancient theater of Sicion, which will begin in June and will last for three years. The excavations will be carried out under the supervision of the Archaeological Society of Athens and will be led by Professor Yannis Lolos from the University of Thessaly. The restoration work will be carried out by the Diazoma Association.

Ancient excavations already focused on the Agora in which important monuments such as a temple, the Bouleuterium and part of the koilon of the theater.

The Archaeological Society and Mr. Lolos in the recently approved program will include investigations in the sanctuary and the Portico. After three years the Central Archaeological Council will decide whether to continue with the excavations or not.

Professor Yannis Lolos has already worked for many years in this area and even wrote a book entitled “Land of Sition: archeology and history of a Greek city-state”Presenting the city and its landscape through a global study that combines geology with history. Lolos and his team carried out an intensive geophysical study in an area of ​​more than 2,500 square kilometers of the hellenistic city. More than 800 sherds and tiles have been counted and up to 1,000 architectural objects have already been registered.

The Central Archaeological Council has also recently approved the start of a new excavation at the Faneromeni site in Chiliomodi (Corinthia), where a sarcophagus was found in the 1980s that will be exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Corinth.

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