17 abandoned War of Independence cannons

17 abandoned War of Independence cannons

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The 17 cannons belonging to the War of Independence that were found in Saint Romualdo While the works of the tram were being carried out, they have been in a state of abandonment for months. This situation is a matter of concern for specialists in the recovery of historical heritage and for archeology professionals.

The artillery pieces were found in 2009 while working on the area of ​​the mouth of the Caño de Sancti petri. The canyons can be seen from the outside and are exposed to climatic changes, they are only surrounded by a simple metal fence and covered by a canvas, which may have caused the rains to accumulate water inside, thus affecting their conservation.

The storms and sudden changes in temperature that have occurred during the spring may have affected these relics, subject to complaint in specialized forums and even on social networks.

Despite having undergone a restoration process funded by the Ministry of Public Works, these pieces have been out in the open for seven months. More than 138,000 euros were used for its recovery, a process commissioned by the Aula 3 company and which lasted 14 months.

Initially, the cannons were not wanted to leave San Fernando so as not to lose them and the City Council intended to show them in the Historic Site of the Zuazu Bridge, with the aim of making it another tourist attraction, even reaching an agreement with the Provincial Delegation of the Ministry of Culture. But the works on the historic site are expensive, so they have remained paralyzed.

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