They discover in Mexico a temple where human sacrifices were practiced

They discover in Mexico a temple where human sacrifices were practiced

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A temple discovered in the Oxaca Valley, Mexico, shows evidence that the priests who were there carried out human sacrifices.

Although not much evidence has yet been obtained to confirm it, researchers have found a human tooth and bone in a room in the temple, dotted with animal remains next to obsidian blades. The temple dates from 300 BC. approximately, the year in which it was in use by the Zapotec civilization.

The researchers discovered between 1997 and 2000 “The Palenque”, A 9,150 square meter palatial site whose dating, through the large amount of ash and carbon found, indicates that it suffered a fire sometime around 60 BC.

Now, a larger complex has been found on the east side of El Palenque, a walled enclosure that contains in its interior a complex of temples with at least two residences for the priests. It is located on an area of ​​5,000 square meters, occupying the footprint of the main temple about 380 square meters.

At main temple from the complex they found shells, mica, alabaster ornaments, vases, ceramic whistles and even braziers of incense. But the presence of obsidian blades and spears show that the priests participated in rituals with the aim of achieving the shedding of blood, both of animals and humans.

The main temple also has a kitchen that is larger than the other homes in the area, which suggests that the cooks organized meals for large groups. Found objects indicate that the priests did not make their own food and that the servants took it in their own room.

Behind the temple, archaeologists wait find two buildings that served as houses for the priests. These buildings were built with mud, thick walls and a bonfire inside. Like the palace, the temple also suffered a fire, falling into disuse at the end of the 1st century BC.

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