Two skeletons in Romania relive the story of Romeo and Juliet

Two skeletons in Romania relive the story of Romeo and Juliet

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While excavations were being carried out inside a Dominican monastery in Romania, archaeologists have found two skeletons that revive the story of Romeo and Juliet, belonging to a young couple who were buried holding hands.

Despite the fact that experts, from the Cluj-Napoca Institute for Archeology and Art History, have already discovered several bodies in what they believe to be the old monastery cemetery, hasn't made finding this couple any less of a surprise.

The skeleton of man shows that he suffered a serious hip injury which may have been the cause of his death. The injury is thought to have been caused by a blow from a large, hard object.

The woman On the other hand, she does not present any injury and it is observed that she maintained a healthy body, therefore, having died at the same time as the young man, it is thought that she was due to a heart broken by the death of her lover. Suicide is ruled out Because it was a sin in the Middle Ages, if it had been, the two would not have been buried together in holy ground.

It is estimated that the burial of the two bodies occurred between the years 1450-1550. The body of a child was also found in the cemetery, but according to investigations, he does not have any kind of relationship with the couple.

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